Commit to Jesus

The most important decision a person can make in their lifetime is the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.  God sent His Son to take the penalty for our sin and gave us righteousness. It is not something we deserve, but because of God’s grace we can be forgiven.


We believe prayer is key for a relationship with God. We pray for those who need a relationship with Jesus Christ and for those who are unchurched. America needs to return to the spiritual foundations that made us great as a nation. We ask you to join us to pray for our church, our country and our world.


Clyde’s Chapel Baptist Church is responsible before God for telling people about Jesus. Not only do we preach and teach about Him, but we encourage our members to share the good news with friends, famiy,  co-workers and neighbors. 


We believe that every member of the church can be serving God in some way. God has given each person a spiritual gift that He wants to be used in His service. Stand alongside your brothers and sisters to serve at Clyde’s Chapel.